Diamond Tier

Are you in a place of frustration…Ready to quit, re-invent or retire but you aren’t in a position to do so?

You have reached your goals in your area of beauty. You’ve done all that you ever wanted to do, but now you find that your current situation has become boring, mundane or un-fulfilling. Sadly you’re no longer interested in the things you’ve been doing. What you are currently doing no longer excites you. Instead of looking forward to your day at work, you feel frustrated because you are not where you want to be. Day in and day out you are just going through the motions.

I understand. In my own hairstyling career, I felt like cattle in a pasture. Standing around grazing in the hairstyling field but never getting full but chewing the same ‘ole grass over and over. My steps were in slow motion, there was no motivation whatsoever. When I went to the hair shows I didn’t fully enjoy myself. “If” I took classes, I found myself not implementing the next new marketing technique to get clients. Truth be told, I didn’t want any new clients. I wanted OUT! I just didn’t see how that would be possible without accepting a low paying bottom level job because my only skills consisted of being involved in the hairstyling business. Heck, I just learned to use the computer efficiently in the last 10 years but not on the level of an administrative assistant at a corporate firm.

Does this feel eerily familiar to you? If so, keep reading. There is light in that dark tunnel ahead!

Portrait image of a fed up mature woman looking out of the window on a rainy miserable dayMy New Program is designed specifically for the FRUSTRATED or Unsatisfied one! It’s called  “The Diamond Tier”

This program is made available for the stylist or industry pros who want to reawaken, reinvent, renew, or retire their business.

  • Have you been working in your business for quite some time and you feel frustrated and know changes need to happen but you don’t know how or even where to begin?
  • Have you felt like quitting and starting an entirely new career?
  • Has what used to be your passion become passionless, mundane and boring?
  • Are you going through the motions day after day, miserable and hopeless?
  • Are you ready to branch out into or act upon new ideas and dreams?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have entered the burn out stage of being shackled down by what you are currently doing. You see, I can relate to this because I was you.

Every day I wondered how I could exit from behind the chair but still make a decent living without working for someone else or entering into the rat race of employment with a corporate company.

I tried it all

I tried my hand at several multi-level/network marketing organizations. Listening to all the hype of how wonderful their product is and how you could make tons of money plus get nice cars after reaching some type of director status.

I tried selling make-up, travel deals, electric energy, legal law, even dietary supplements…

Don’t get me wrong, I know several people who have done extremely well in these types of businesses and it was all legal and legit. My problem was that it was hard to get excited about a product that I wasn’t passionate about. No matter how great the idea was, my passion was not in it. I found that just as quickly as I got in, I was out even faster.

I even tried my hand at real estate investing. I studied books, went to classes, seminars, and even had a mentor that I worked very closely with. I bought and sold some real estate. It looked sort of promising until the economic crash happened in 2007-2008. All of my dreams suddenly vanished after I lost almost everything. My entire savings was gone my personal home had to be rented out because I could no longer afford it. My invested property was foreclosed. I had hit rock bottom.

I prayed, I didn’t understand, why me? I had been a relatively good person, never cheated anyone to get ahead, studied and prepared before I took risks.

Well, long story short, real estate was not my purpose in life. It was only a vehicle I saw to make lots of money in lump sums. After honestly looking back, my motives were focused on self and nothing or no one else.

You see, when you have a specific purpose to fulfill, money should not be the first motivating factor. It’s probably in the top 5, but shouldn’t be the main focus. When you truly walk in your purpose it will be to help others as well as helping yourself. The money will come when you stop focusing primarily on it.

Do you know what your purpose in life is?

Did you know that your purpose can change in different seasons of your lifetime? I found out that my purpose 20 years ago was not the same for today. You can discover your life’s purpose in this season of your life also. Allow me to help you see through the fog so that you can become crystal clear on what you are meant to be doing.

If you are opened minded and ready to explore the possibilities for your life, this program is for you. You may be tired of being shackled in your current role. I was too. Now I only work 1-2 full days behind the chair (because I choose to) and the rest of the time I’m enjoying other desires of my heart, such as; helping other beauty pros in their respective businesses, time spent with family, travel, and other activities I missed out on when I was shackled behind the chair! Even better, I still make several thousand dollars a month since implementing the tools necessary for me to do this! Together we can walk through this uncertainty in your life. You’re not alone. It wasn’t until I sat down with my own coaches that I figured out that my life’s purpose was right in front of me, but I was too busy looking everywhere else and trying everything else instead of paying attention to the SECRET weapon we all have access to.

Let me help you tap into or reignite your passions and dreams. You’d be surprised at what you might discover.

Beautiful young mixed race black African American woman with perfect teeth smiling and relaxing outside in summer sunshine

This program includes:

  • Downloadable worksheets and guides to help you along the way to stay focused and remain hopeful
  • 2 week affirmation implementation challenge
  • Unlimited email coaching
  • Personality Quiz (you’ll be surprised by the results and how knowing this info will re-energize your motivation)
  • Money Management Resources
  • Getting past blockages about Money. (Many people are paralyzed by a thought process that hinders money from flowing freely into their life)
  • Erica’s Success Library List
  • Mindset Matters: Breaking Mind Chains that keep you bound
  • (6) 1 hour bi-weekly calls
  • All downloadable recorded calls for you to go back and listen to, when needed
  • (1) 15 minute emergency call if needed outside of our regular calls
  • One Full VIP Day where we sit down and laser focus on your business. Goals will be set Action must be taken.

This 12 week  coaching program is an investment of $2,497.00 ($8,097.00 value). Or 3 monthly consecutive installments of $865.00.

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