Figuring Out Your Purpose

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When I started doing hair, I absolutely loved it. As time has evolved, I’ve come to realize that my passions have shifted a bit. Although I still love the hair business, it wasn’t until years later that I learned that I had a passion for educating and teaching as well.

What passions or gifts are you sitting on that are lying dormant at the moment? I encourage you to really think about ideas you have inside but have neglected to act on them. Perhaps fear, unbelief in your ability, or something else is causing you to self-sabotage what could be, a part of your purpose or destiny.

Are you having difficulty realizing what your purpose is in life? Read further on how you can identify your purpose and truly enjoy your work and life at the same time. The world is waiting for your gifts to manifest!

  • Listen closely to what others are saying about you. Years ago, I always had co-workers, clients, friends, and family asking me to show them how to do tasks that they may have found a bit difficult or challenging. I realized that I was patient and didn’t mind taking out the time to help. As a result, I realized that I was doing something that I loved, without really knowing that it was a gift that I had that allowed me to effortlessly help others.


  • Pay attention to nagging ideas that won’t go away from your thoughts. Many times our gifts are apart of our purpose in life. Oftentimes, our purpose is so close to us, that we don’t even realize that we are meant to pursue those ideas that come to mind. What ideas have you thought about but haven’t taken them seriously?


  • What comes naturally to you that you are always doing for free. Our purposes are usually things we do effortlessly. Some things are meant to be done for free but there are some things that are meant to be used as a means for prosperity. I find that many people struggle with charging for things that they have been gifted to do with ease. We have to realize that there isn’t anything wrong with making an income as long as we are offering value in exchange, to our customers.

I challenge you to evaluate what your gifts and passions are and think seriously on how you could impact the world in a bigger way when you begin to share them.


Love & Success,


Erica is a 20+ year veteran in the beauty industry serving as a licensed Stylist, Instructor, Certified Colorist EricaAkerBeautyMentorEducator and Trichologist. She is passionate about helping Beauty Professionals reach their highest potential in the Beauty Business by attracting awesome loyal clients, charging what you are worth, and finding balance between work and personal time for a happier and more fulfilling life. Erica loves reading, writing and is a bona-fide “forever student always learning”. She resides in a quiet suburb outside Metro Atlanta GA with her husband Fernando



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Renee April 27, 2016 at 4:54 pm

Hey Erica,

Great read. I need to do what I’m most passionate about. I’ve paid for a class to get me started. Now I just need to find the time to go through it. ? What resonated with me is difficulty charging a price for something that comes with ease for me. I constantly get on the hubby about this, but maybe after reading this I need to take a look in the mirror! Thanks for ALWAYS being an inspiration


EricaAker April 27, 2016 at 5:06 pm

Hi Renee!
I think charging is an issue most people struggle with. You’re not alone. The key is working on your mindset and convincing it that you are validated and qualified.

Remember, what comes easy for you is difficult for others, who would gladly pay someone to get the end results wanted and needed. Why not let that “someone” be you? ?


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