Is it time to make a course correction in your beauty business?

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There may come a time in your beauty business that things are not working out as well as they did in the past.

Your clientele may have taken a dip due to various reasons pertaining to the customers life or even in your own life.

So what do you do when these major changes have affected your overall business strategies? You might have to make a course correction and do something new or different.

First, take a step back to reevaluate the situation. Begin to access what could have happened.

I know back in 2008 when the real estate and economy crashed, my business took a major dip. Clients were not coming in as often or not at all. A major part of the problem was that some had lost their homes, others had lost jobs, and the rest were cutting back on spending.

At first glance, I thought I had done something wrong or offensive, but after evaluating the situation, I discovered that the decline was a result of the failing economy.

Maybe you are experiencing a similar crisis but it has nothing to do with the economy. Ask your self some pertinent questions:

  • Am I slipping in customer service?
  • Have I been diligent with marketing my business, both on and offline?
  • Is what I offer what the client really wants?
  • Am I keeping up with current trends in techniques or business strategies?

The list can go on. You will need to ask yourself direct questions and be honest in your answers.

Second, what are your current priorities?

Let’s face it, life happens and our priorities shift. In 2014 my sister became very ill. I made the decision that she was more important to me than my job. I decided to scale back my days of operation. Going from full-time to part-time.

Many of my clients could not fit into my new schedule, as a result, I lost several. This was a risk that I was willing to take for a loved one.

Are you neglecting a more stable paying clientele? Many young beauty professionals love doing trendy styles with a young client base but totally disregard a senior market. What can be a rude awakening is that the young generation can be fly by night. They will be in your chair today and in someone else’s chair tomorrow. They tend to not be loyal and in most cases short on cash.

The senior market is more stable with income and in loyalty.

Third, are you marketing to the right type of client?

Many beauty professionals have never been taught about niche marketing.  In beauty school, everything was taught to have us technically prepared, but it left out teaching how to find the right clients meant for us and what we desire to do.

If any of these points resonates with where you are currently, write it down on paper and ideas on ways you can course correct your strategy.


Love & Success,


Erica Aker Beauty Business MentorErica is a 20+ year veteran in the beauty industry serving as a licensed Stylist & Instructor, Certified Colorist Educator and Trichologist. She is passionate about helping Beauty Professionals reach their highest potential in the Beauty Business by attracting awesome loyal clients, charging what you are worth, and finding balance between work and personal time for a happier and more fulfilling life. Erica loves reading, writing and is a bona-fide “forever student always learning”. She resides in a quiet suburb outside Metro Atlanta GA with her husband Fernando.


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