Benefit From My 20 Years Experience as a Stylist & Entrepreneur

EricaAkerMentorMy clients benefit from my 20 years experience as a stylist, entrepreneur, and my strong discernment skills.I’m told I’m a good mentor because I bring these skills to the table. I’ve learned that human behavior is a pattern. No matter who the person is or their career choice, everyone faces similar obstacles in life. The difference is how one responds to their situation. Some get stuck and never get past these blocks. My job is to help identify the block and encourage you to push past those hindrances so that you can stay focused on your vision and goals for success.

 Benefits of Working With Me

Here’s what my mentees say about me:

• “The guidance you gave me was an answer to my prayers”
• “You helped push me out of my comfort zone”
• “ I received Knowledge and information no one else has ever shared with me”

I work best with those who are motivated and ready to take a deeper look at where they are in their career and where they want to be. I will help you clarify your vision, set specific goals and then challenge you to execute them.

I do not work well with those who are not teachable or not open to new ideas. I will challenge you to treat your career like a business and not a hobby. My teaching method is gentle, yet straightforward. My first requirement of a student is a commitment to be responsible.

Need help with direction and focus and my story resonates with you?  Let’s chat and see if we are a good fit to work through what may be blocking you!

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As a child I always knew that I was different. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I never liked to do what everyone else was doing.

As a result, I developed a high level of awareness. I observed things that most people ignore. I could observe situations beyond a surface level and really see what was going on. Some people call it intuition, instinct or discernment. Of course, I make mistakes and bad decisions like everyone else, but discernment has kept me out of trouble and pushed me towards greatness.

A few things I’ve noticed about us beauty industry professionals, we are usually very talented in our craft. Talent is probably what encouraged you to jump into this industry and also because you love what you do. The problem is that talent alone is not enough to balance, motivate, or push you to into higher income brackets in this business.

I see countless talented beauty professionals working hours for dollars and still walking around broke. As fast as the money comes in, its going back out. Whether its paying personal bills, bills for the business, or just plain reckless spending habits.

Also, these professionals have no idea how to balance business life from personal life. I personally was guilty of working my butt off and still was not able have a life or take a “real” vacation. It wasn’t until I learned some valuable secret formulas that I could begin to create the lifestyle that I want to live and enjoy the process along the way.

I no longer have to stand behind my chair for what seemed like endless hours. By applying some simple strategies, I now have control over my life.

I can help you apply these strategies as well. These formulas will help you Attract your ideal clients and weed out those that are less desirable to work with. It will help you to create the level of income that you desire and you’ll no longer work for pennies. These strategies will also allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones, and also give you the freedom to do whatever it is you love to do without sacrificing your entire life being stuck at work constantly.

You no longer have to be a slave to your work. This is how frustration and burn out happens. The next thing you know, what was once your beloved passion has now become something that you dread getting up for in the morning.

Choose today, that you will not continue in this chaotic way of doing business. Applying these strategies will change your life… for the better!


In my research, I found that many stylists end up quitting the Beauty Industry because of burn out, frustration, or lack of money.

In my research, I found that many stylists and beauty professionals end up quitting because of burn out, frustration, or lack of money within the first 5-8 years. If they lasted longer, say 20 years like myself, I found that they were tired of standing behind the chair, being a salon owner or physically doing the work of massage, skin care etc… Sadly, they feel stuck not knowing how to get out of the rut. The work that they loved so dearly is now unfulfilling.

My desire is to show you there is a better way!

I remember how it felt when I first started out as a young stylist with no direction or goals. Walking through what seemed like a maze feeling bewildered and confused. I also remember how I felt after 15 years of doing hair and how it was taking a toll on my body physically. Something needed to change quickly. But “what” and even more importantly “how”? Sometimes in life, circumstances will give you a jolt in order for change to occur.

Perhaps you can relate.

In 2010, my journey began in search of something new and different that I could apply to my business to make life easier and work more enjoyable. I prayed, then began taking action. My prayers have been answered and are still being answered. I learned of a formula called SYSTEMS and added them to my business. I began to see a turn around for the better.

By applying Systems, I have scaled my business to ONLY servicing clients that I love, amazingly making more money, and also having the freedom to do other things that I enjoy.

Having amazing mentors and coaches to cross my path allowed this to happen! I have been coached and trained by some of the best. I’ve learned via classes, workshops, and training programs. Some of my mentors include Connie Judge, DeShawn Bullard, James Roche, Varian Brandon, Lisa Sasevich, Rae Majors-Wilder, Marquetta Breslin and Ali Brown, to name a few. I’ve also learned from some awesome local business owners: Craig Phinn, Melodye Hunter, Anthony Torrence, and Jennifer Herndon.

I’m now ready to show you the secrets of this mastery so that you too, can create the life you desire.

Are you in a place of being sick and tired of the merry-go-round in your beauty business? You aren’t seeing progression, you feel stuck, you are bored or frustrated, now is the time to do something about it. Do not procrastinate any longer. If you haven’t gotten out of the rut by what you are currently doing, there are some MASSIVE changes and decisions to be made.

Are YOU READY to get started?

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