Stop Wasting Time!

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While at church one Sunday, the pastor did a message on wasting time. The title was “There’s No Time to Waste Time” God has an assignment for you. This subject struck a nerve in me because I just started reading a book called “Fit For Your Assignment”. Basically it is talking about we all have been assigned to do certain things using our gifts and talents.
The problem is that many of us (myself included) struggle with procrastination and fear or other reasons. We know that there is an idea or dream deep inside but we make excuses to not get the assignment done.

Some of those excuses include, I’m not ready, I’ll do it tomorrow, I need more education, Who’s going to listen to me? I’m not good enough and the list goes on and on and on…

I know for myself, there are ideas that I have been sitting on because I felt I needed to have it perfect before introducing it. But if I would be honest with myself, it’s basically a fear that I’m dealing with and therefore I keep prolonging the assignment.

The Pastor said we all have a start date (birth) and and end date (death) but it’s up to us to fill in the dash between those dates. We don’t have time to waste. People are leaving this earth young and old. We don’t know when our time will be up.

What assignments are you sitting on and you know its something you should be acting on? How long have you been sitting on it? What do you think is the real culprit? Fear? Procrastination? Other?

I challenge you, as I have been challenged, to take action on your assignment. Don’t wait for it to be perfect. Take a risk and put it out there.

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Erica is a 20+ year veteran in the beauty industry serving as a licensed Stylist, Instructor, Certified Colorist EricaAkerBeautyMentorEducator and Trichologist. She is passionate about helping Beauty Professionals reach their highest potential in the Beauty Business by attracting awesome loyal clients, charging what you are worth, and finding balance between work and personal time for a happier and more fulfilling life. Erica loves reading, writing and is a bona-fide “forever student always learning”. She resides in a quiet suburb outside Metro Atlanta GA with her husband Fernando


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