Your Money Makeover

Your Money Makeover 

(Digital Download)


  • Are you where you want to be financially when it comes to having money stored for a rainy day?
  • Are you actively saving for retirement?
  • Do you have a solid idea of what money you have coming in and what money is going out?


If you answered NO to any of the above questions, I encourage you to keep reading!

 Beauty Professional know that having a savings plan is important. Most are independent contractors or are on commission, unfortunately unlike a corporate job, 401 K plans are not available typically to these individuals.

The average beauty professional does not have a basic emergency savings of $2,000-$5,000. Having an emergency savings is vital for not only unexpected events but it helps to jump start a plan for retirement.

Sadly, many professionals have to work well into their old age to make ends meet because they didn’t prepare ahead of time.

Your Money Makeover Workbook is designed to get you started with

  • Basic budgeting habits.
  • Know where your money is going out. (bills, frivolous spending, people, etc..)
  • Basic savings plan to help you generate an emergency fund of at least $2000-$5,000.
  • Encourage you to view your financial status more seriously.
  • Challenge you to stick with a savings and budget plan.
  • Challenge you to give in order to receive
  • and much more…

Don’t be the beauty professional that keeps putting off saving. Rainy days will come. Years go by quickly and before you know it you are 70 years old still trying to work.


Purchase Your Money Makeover TODAY and get your finances started on the right track, it’s not too late!